Music Review: Anli Pollicino – “Angel Heart”

  After a long wait since the release of the first album « TRANCEFORMER » in August 2012, Anli Pollicino finally came back in early January with their single « Angel Heart ».  The band released two of the songs on online download sites for a very low price some days before the release, giving the opportunity to the fans to listen to them before having the CDs. The single was available on four different editions, including a limited…

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HITT – mini-album review and upcoming tour

More “natural than before” newest mini-album of HITT “NO SINGING NO LIFE” is coming on 22nd November. It consists of 6 songs – 4 new songs and 2 remakes. First song “NO SINGING NO LIFE” is melodic and somehow energetic. Starting slow and the melody go faster in the chorus. HITT is trying to convince us that there is no life without singing and have full success with doing so. Second song “DESIRE” is in…

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