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E.T is a Japanese metal-rock band from Tokyo, formed in 2010. They had some member changes in the past years but now they are a 4 member band including their support guitarist. You can compare their music mostly with the nostalgia nu-metal, screamo and heavy rock music of the early 2000 years and a small taste of the mainstream metal core bands of the moment which turn out in an aboslute amazing style.

E.T is an independet band and belongs to no music label. They play about 1-3 times a month somewhere in Tokyo. At every live they proof themselves again that they are an absolute great and amazing band which people totally should check out. Also this year they organized 3 events, they will play together with other great bands, events you truly shouldn’t miss if you are in Tokyo at that time.

In 2014 the band shared their MV for their song “I HATE ALL”. It’s also a song which they play often at their concerts.

E.T Members:


Vocal: 浩 – Hiro
Blood Type O
Birth: 07/26


Bass: 一星 – Issei
Blood Type O
Birth 12/08


Drum: 亜星 – Asei
Blood Type B
Birth: 02/09


Support Guitar: 杏太 – Ryouta


E.T Discography:

2013.02 Tommorow is Anotherday(激MIXver.) (live dist.single)
2013.06 Blind (split single)
2014.09 LOOKING UP AGAINST THE WALL (mini album)
2014.10 The view from my eyes (single)
2015.03 interplay of light and shade (single)
2015.04 Blind (Korn cover)

E.T Live schedule:

2016.03.10 Ebisu Club Aim [3MAN] w/ Calmando Qual & Underfall Justice
2016.03.25 Ikebukuro Black Hole [8MAN] w/ NIA, VRZEL Lilith, code name-Px- & DiSPiNA
2016.04.01 Ikebukuro Chop – E.T  EVENT SCENE 1 [5MAN] w/ THEEND, nue, …silence & THE VELVET
2016.04.20 Shimokitazawa LIVEHOLIC – E.T EVENT SCENE 2
2016.05.11 Ikebukuro EDGE – E.T EVENT SCENE 3

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This article is writen by Nagashiwa Ryu, especially for Nippon Heaven!
E.T English Website

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