NIA European Tour 2016

The Japanese visual kei band NIA are coming for an Europen tour. NIA originated as the band “AUNCIA” in 2007, under the label Red List Entertainment: the same label as DIO – Distraught Overlord. Before long, they joined Universal Music and enjoyed their first major release in Japan. After taking a hiatus, the band returned under the name ANSIA in 2013, and finally became NIA – New Improve Ansia – in November of 2015. To continue “connecting people,” the band decided to retain the original name within the new identity. With renewed momentum, the band releases it’s first single, “Prayer,” in February 2016.

Throughout the years, NIA’s band members have performed as actors is films and dramas, provided music for multiple TV shows and movies, have worked as models for different brands and designers and have produced with several famous Japanese artists.

The band began playing live in the early days of AUNCIA, performing all the way from Taiwan to the United States. Specifically, the large convention, Anime Expo in Los Angeles, California brought a wave of international fans early in the band’s career, which have remained a loyal fanbase throughout the band’s many exciting changes.

Currently, NIA is touring Japan extensively. The international booking agency, REALive of record label HIGHFeeL, is excited to bring NIA to Europe this spring, April 2016, for a two-week tour throughout multiple countries. An exclusive CD, including both old and new tracks, will be released during the tour.

NIA European Tour 2016NIA European Tour 2016

8th April: Roubaix, France @ Bar Live 301
9th April: Oss, Netherlands @ Tomocon
10th April: Liege, Belguim @ Le Garage
15th April: Montpellier, France @ Secet Place
16th April: Toulon, France @ Mang’Azur
17th April: Paris, France @ Le Klub
21st April: Warsaw, Poland @ Voodoo
22nd April: Berlin, Germany @ Cortina Bob
23rd April: Hamburg, Germany @ Headcrash


NIA Official Site
REALive Official
HIGHFeeL Japan Official Site


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