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Music Review: Anli Pollicino – STARGAZER vol.2

Visual kei band Anli Pollicino had released their mini-album STARGAZER vol.2 on 11th January. It continues the band’s previous mini-album, which was titled STARGAZER vol.1 and was released July last year.

This mini-album contains 7 songs, released through the 2nd part of the last year, and is in 2 different editions – regular and limited. The limited edition contains all the 7 songs as the regular, plus some PVs of the band. Here I’m going to write about the main 7 songs from STARGAZER vol.2.

STARGAZER vol.2The first song from this release is “Crescent Moment“. It’s a pieceful song for sure, a ballad, in which you can sink in your thoughts. The melody sounds perfect along with Shindy’s soft voice. The guitar solo is tantalizing and heart touching. I can listen this song on repeat and still can’t get enough of it.

The next song is titled “Le Soleil” and is absolutely faraway from previous ballad. It’s a fast song with good rhythm, catchy and kind of sweet. Very good job has been done here.

“純潔CRUSH” (Junketsu CRUSH) follows the easy-going melody. It begins with good guitar vibes and make your body moves. I can absolutely imagine the band playing it live. It’s also suitable for not that hard headbang. But we can freely follow the moves.

Banging the drums for the next song. “Vanity Rose” is very known song as there is also PV filmed for it. It catchy as well and have a nice beat. I also like the tiny guitar chords and the guitar solo, which is totally perfect and of course, the lyrics. Enjoy it in full power!

“AMBIVALEN” is the fifth song from the mini-album STARGAZER vol.2. Its sound is way more electric. It’s also fast song with an idea for more harsh movements. I recommend it for more than one listen.

The next song is titled “Endless love, Empty heart” and is another slow song. If you feel sad you can start with the first song and continue with this one. Shindy’s soft voice can absolutely makes you feel better. Of course, if you have some kind of a broken heart.

The last song in this album is “SHOOTING STAR” and is cover song. I think that Anli Pollicino is performing the song in a very good way. Check it by yourself. Also, you can listen to the original song here.

All in all, it’s a very good mini-album, which I recommend you for sure. You can order from CDJapan and silkroad store.

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