ADAMS' "Original Love" Album & Tour 2015!

Original Love title  Japanese “Neosexual” rock duo ADAMS is back with a new double cd, half “best of”, half new album, including new tracks as well as remixes of ADAMS most popular songs. 

Some time ago we announced the new album and upcoming tour of ADAMS. Now there is more info and the good news is that there is only one month till the beginning of the tour. It starts in Hong Kong on 22nd November and will end on 1st January next year in USA. For best information look at the tour confirmed schedule below!

Original Love Tour 2015:

  • Nov 22: Hong Kong (HK), Focal Fair
  • Nov 26: Roubaix (FR), Live 301
  • Nov 27: Dijon (FR), Tokyo Games Center
  • Nov 28: Warsaw (PL), Mokon
  • Nov 29: Lyon (FR), Japan Touch
  • Dec 03: Amstelveen (NL), P60
  • Dec 04: Berlin (DE), Cortina Bob
  • Dec 05: Cologne (DE), Jap Ro (w. LADY BABY)
  • Dec 06 : Brussels (BE), Fanclub & guests party, Rock Classic
  • Dec 11: Prague (CZ), Chapeau Rouge
  • Dec 12: Budapest (HU), Kék Yuk
  • Dec 13 : Helsinki (FI), Gloria
  • Dec 30 : TBC USA
  • Dec 31 : Maryville (TN)/USA
  • Jan 01 : Concord (NC)/USA, Ichibancon


New albums track list had also been announced. It’s going to consist of 2 CDs and pre-release date is set to 22nd November. The track list of “Original Love” album will be as follows:

ol tl

Prepare yourself for the Original Love of ADAMS!!!

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