ADAMS are celebrating new album release with world tour

ADAMSNeosexual duo ADAMS is back after their holidays and has some awesome news. They are releasing their first Best Of album in November 2015. This is going to be a double album and is titled “Original Love”. It will include past singles and songs from ADAMS (since 2012) as well as new exclusive tracks and several remixes. These are produced by Japanese DJ’s and composers in Japan in collaboration with Shota Yokoyama. KALM (Kôji Yamada) (ex. VELVET EDEN) whose past works also include song composition for Kaya, Seileen (Selia + DJ Sisen), and Art Cube, will be featured on ADAMS’ new opus. Also participating is the young techno DJ Hiroyuki Arakawa, who also acts as owner of his personal label Spectra and spins with some of the biggest names in the scene, including Ken Ishii! Other collaborations are still pending.

Good news is that in order to promote the album, ADAMS are going on world tour. They will perform at North Carolina’s Ichibancon on January 1st,
2016, and will put on a “New Year’s Eve” show in Tennessee, USA. For Europe is currently planning as many as 10 shows during November and December 2015. The show in Warsaw, Poland, on 28th November is already confirmed.

The first show from “ADAMS WORLD TOUR” is already confirmed! It’s going to be on 22nd November in Hong Kong in collaboration with the magazine VROCKHK.

More information is coming soon, so stay in touch!

DSC_5789DSC_5811Source: HIGHFeeL
Photo credit: Taliana Chastaya Photography

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