2015 Japanese Summer Collections top 10

Time to take out bright and vivid colors, summer is here! The season accepts every originality and excess, but don’t forget to protect your skin from sun ! 😉

Note: Nippon Heaven is not affiliated with any of the following brands.

10. SUQQU (=)

Summer nights are the inspiration for this concept!

(see the collection here)

9. Chicca (=)

The summer sensation by Chicca will catch you !

(see the collection here)

8. Emoda (entry)

Emoda sure knows how to play with vivid colors !

(see the collection here)

7. RMK (-6)

This summer, RMK will make sure your lips looks perfect !

(see the collection here)

6. Lunasol (+1)

Lunasol challenges you to try their original and vivid colors

(see the collection here)

5. Les Merveilleuses La Durée (-1)

Les Merveilleuses La Durée brings you to astral signs, and launches as well a line for Mothers and Childs !

(see the collection here)

4. Jill Stuart (-1)

Summer fruits are here with Jill Stuart to give you a juicy lush season !

(see the collection here)

3. Visée (entry)

Visée will make sure your skin looks perfect with their foundation.

(see the collection here)

2. Majolica Majorca (+3)

Touch the wonder with Majolica Majorca and see the beautiful new products released for you

(see the collection here)

1. Paul & Joe (+7)

With very delicious and original colors, Paul & Joe will surely have the point !

(see the collection here)


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