Eyeliner Review: Heroine Make Impact Eyeliner N

I offered myself some products from Heroine Make recently and among them was the Impact Liquid Eyeliner N. It attracted me with the beautiful package, and the nice price of only 1.080yen.
As usual from the brand, the package is good looking, with purple colors, and the eyeliner has a nice shape.
The thin brush inside takes a lot of product so it’s better to remove some of it before use, as the liquid liner have to dry. Try to let you eye closed for some seconds or else your eyelid will become dark 😉
Anyways, the jet black is intense, giving a very good Copie de 2015-04-13 15.30.27and deep look. The brush can be hard to use for beginners, you have to be painstaking but after some use it becomes easier. 
What I love the most about this liner is the staying power. It is wonderful if you have a long day, as it stays the way you applied it all day long! Plus, it is super waterproof and endures water, sweat, frictions… I had a long walk recently and I had a lot of sweat so I feared my eye makeup would look awful at the end, but this eyeliner stayed liked if I hadn’t made any movement. Wonderful!
Copie de 2015-04-13 15.32.16
But there is a also a turn up to this ultra endurance, as you’ll need a very good eye makeup remover.
Copie de 2015-06-25 10.58.34 Because it won’t be removed easily even with several tries. Anyways, this con doesn’t remove that I love this eye liner and it became one of my must have products! Highly recommending it.

♥ Price

♥ Good looking package

♥ Deep color

♥ Super waterproof and endurance

♥ Does not smells bad



</3 Can be hard to handle for beginners

</3 Hard to remove

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