Nippon Heaven presents: Infi2ty

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Infi2ty was formerly a session band before a live at Ikebukuro EDGE in March 2015. Since then, they are revealing their songs for free through their Youtube channel and free cd. Their first lives as Infi2ty will be held in July and they will finally release their first cd “HUMANS” in July as well.


Vo. 一葉 (kazuha)


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Birth: 7/18
Blood type: A
Likes: Sweets, candies and pastries

Gt. たすけ (Tasuke)


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Birth: 10/2
Blood type: A
Likes: Ramen, banana, onigiri, mangas

Gt. kenchang


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Birth: 9/26
Blood type: O
Likes: Jagarico cheese taste, Tamagoboro

Ba. Maya


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Birth: 11/12
Blood type: A
Likes: Fugashi

Dr. Daiki

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Birth: 11/1
Blood Type: B
Likes: Rilakkuma


[2015/04/02] Free CD
[2015/07/15] 0th single “HUMANS”

src: OHP+Youtube

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