Lip Gloss Review: Visée Lip Balm & Gloss

As you might know already, I’m quite fond of the brand Visée. Their products looks always glamorous and the Lip Bam & Gloss is not an exception.

I bought this one in Japan , despite the fact that this product is no longer in Visée’s official site… no idea why.

The cute packaging is very nice with the gloss and balm in spiral looks like an Italian ice cream or a candy. I bought the BE31 which is called “Light Beige”, and this is the only one with the PK81 that has some glitters in the gloss part on 8 available colors.

Sans titre 1So the meaning of this gloss is to make a double effect thanks to mixing it with the balm. While having glossy lips you can protect and repairing them with the moisturizing balm. The texture is very sticky despite what the Visée HK page says, so I prefer always using another lip balm before using this gloss, or else my lips gets very dry if I don’t. This way, the gloss has a better look and makes lustrous lips with a nude look thanks to the beige color that I have chosen. The glitters are discreet yet makes goldy lips which looks good.

What I regret about this product is that it is not long lasting. I have to apply it oftenly during the day2015-05-06 17.17.20 if I want to keep the same look it gives. Thankfully the 12g of product is a very good quantity. Moreover, if you like gloss with flavors or fragrance, this one won’t be for you as it has no perfume. 

Anyways, this is a very cute lips gloss to include in your makeup pouch that gives a nice look. But I won’t recommend it if you are too busy to touch up during the day.

2015-05-06 17.20.30Pros: 

♥ Cute packaging
♥ Gives lustrous lips
♥ Good quantity


 </3 Very sticky and dries lips
</3 Not long lasting

Visee Lip Balm and Gloss 1

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