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Makeup base review: Sana Morning Kiss Skin Care Base

I’ve seen a friend of mine using this base from Sana and she told me she loved it a lot so I got curious about it and I had the surprise to receive one from herself as gift! Sana has a lot of different brands and different lines, and among them, Morning Kiss, which has two different products: a hair mist, and the skin care base which I’ll talk about now.

This base by Sana claims to be ideal for busy women who needs a fast skin care routine on morning. That’s why only one pump should give a good base in only 10 seconds! The base is available in two shades, 01 vitamin pink and 02 melty beige.

I received the melty beige one which is supposed to “corrects the color of the skin and gives a luxurious effect to dry skins at the morning” (from Sana’s homepage).

2014-12-25 12.31.59

The package looks very nice with cute pinkish colors. The bottle is also pink, with a gold pump. It contains 60ml of the base, and has a lock to hold the pump so it’s good to keep it if you want to bring it with you in travels, which I’ll probably do next summer, has it also has sun protection (SPF30 PA+++).

2014-12-25 12.32.08The back of the package is of course all written in Japanese, but you can understand the 10 seconds thing thanks to the drawings. The base itself smells very nice (I think it smells like peach but not sure…) and has a light beige color. I don’t press the pump entirely because it gives too much product in my mind so I press it nicely to have what I need to cover my face. The texture is smooth and fresh, very nice to apply on dry skins at the morning indeed. It melts fast and the skin is as well ready for makeup in 10 seconds! No lies ^^ So this is indeed very good for busy women who don’t have time for an entire skin care routine. With this product, you have the moisturizer, the sun protection, and the base in one step! All of this for only 1620yens, it must be a dream ^^

What I’m looking for in a base,2015-03-28 14.11.19 is of course the lasting, as I don’t often check if my makeup has to be touched up. With this base, I’m sure I won’t have to think about it, as each time I used it, my makeup looks really fine during all day and did not cracked. This is really nice to rely on this base instead of being worried about touching up. So I highly recommend this product!!


♥ Good price
♥ Cute packaging
♥ Good to be transported
♥ Smells good
♥ 3 products in one
♥ Long lasting


 None ♪


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