New Japanese MakeUp 2015 Spring Collections

The sun is coming back but is it already time to get out uncovered? Be careful but do not hesitate any seconds to wear the new collections from Japanese brands! The sweet colors of spring are there to make you look like a pretty flower.
Note: Nippon Heaven is not affiliated or sponsorized by any of the following brands.
10. SUQQU (-5)

SUQQU still makes adult women very classy with their products!

(see the whole collection here)

9. Chicca (entry)


The pink colors of this collection are very sweet!

(see the collection here)

8. Paul & Joe (entry)

Paul & Joe

Paul & Joe brings you to the “ménagerie” so if you love animals, this collection is definitely for you!

(see the collection here)

7. Lunasol (-1)


The collection from Lunasol is inspired from a ballerina with pure and light colors.

(see the collection here)

6. Addiction (-2)


The pink sand color is the theme for Addiction’s new collection!

(see the collection here)

5. Majolica Majorca (entry)

Majolica Majorca

With this new collection you will be able to play the queen! ^^

(see the collection here)

4. Les Merveilleuses la Durée (entry)

Les Merveilleuses la Durée

The spring collection by Les Merveilleuses la Durée will probably give you some luck with its designs of clover and horseshoes.

(see the collection here)

3. Jill Stuart (+5)

Jill Stuart

After the ballerina, Jill Stuart is now inspired by ribbons and focuses on the cute motif.

(see the collection here)

2. Esprique (entry)


Esprique goes also for pinkish colors, and mostly for the sakura theme which is never outdated.

(see the collection here)

1. RMK (+8)


The spring concept from RMK is “vintage sweet”, with pastel colors. This beautiful collection will surely grab your attention!

(see the collection here)

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