Music Review: DIV – Secret

secret_tI’m not a big follower of DIV but I liked some of their past releases. So this is with some kind of re-discovery that I gave a listen to their second album “SECRET”, released on February 25th.

This new album starts with “アイノウタ” , a soft introduction that sets a quite trippy atmosphere. It is followed by the main track “Secret Night”, which is in my opinion one of the best release from the band if not the bestest so far. The voice of Chisa is very at its advantage and is accompanied by a good composition, and the words “guilty or not guilty” are very addictive. The guitar and bass mixed with electro sounds in the bridge is very interesting and I wish to hear more things like this from the band from now on.


The album includes several songs that were first released as single in 2013 and 2014, like “Butterfly Dreamer”,  “JUSTICE”, and “ゴールデンキネマ劇場” that are dynamic songs with some points of heavy sounds, the nice and melodic ballads “漂流彼女” and “you” as well as the cheerful tracks “Taste of Life” and “Point of View”.


Summary, not a lot of new things but the fans will still have some new sounds to hear thanks to “RAGE”, which holds well its name with the death voice screaming. The chorus slows down a bit the atmosphere but does not waste the track at all thanks to the singer’s colored voice. They will have also some sweetness with “STORY” and “WING to HEAVEN”, two pop ballads, while “Dearest” and “STARS” are more dynamic yet soft pop rock tracks, very enjoyable for the upcoming spring.

The new full album of DIV is shared between previous releases and new sounds. With a solid main track and enjoyable side new songs, this album should have its success among fans and new devotees of the band.


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