Interview with Tomo – singer and model

You probably thought that we forgot to take interviews, right? But this is not true and here we go.

Let me meet you again with this incredible Japanese man, named Tomo. You met him in our articles many times before – mostly as a singer. Because he sings good. Ex. vocalist of Quraysh and Shizothymia, currently Tomo is acting as a model for Japanese brand TRAVS8.

He was very polite to answer to our few questions, so be sure to read carefully. Let’s sink in Tomo’s world!



Nippon Heaven: Hello! Can you, please, introduce yourself to our readers?
Tomo: I’m Tomo, from Tokyo. I’m a singer as a hardcore band’s vocalist and i’m a fashion model for some magazines and fashion brands.

NH: Can you share with us your experience as a singer in Japan?
Tomo: Yeah, I have a lot of stories. I met many players, many music funs. They changed my life because I can laugh and I can believe people. I was feeling alone before I start to sing, but now is not like this. I have many friends.

NH: Which is your prefered genre to sing in?
Tomo: Hm, I love hardcore, and hiphop to sing. But I want to sing in every genre.

NH: Do you have any plans for future band or solo career as a musician?
Tomo: Yes, I wanna be a rock star, who can make smiles for many people who are feeling saddness of loneliness.

TomoNH: Recently you’re also modeling. Can you tell us what is to be a model?
Tomo: Ah, Im buisy for modeling but it’s very funny! I like to show myself, so this job is my calling.

NH: Are you planning to continue with modeling activities?
Tomo: If people want me, I want to do every job.

NH: How you see your future after 10 years?
Tomo: Maybe I’m going to go around the world to meet many people. Of course, I’ll be a rock star lol.
Ah, and I hope I’ll have a marriage partner!

NH: Most of our readers have a dream to visit Japan. What will you say to them?
Tomo: Look around harder – people, cultures, cooking, drinks, and more. Don’t make your mind up before you experience.

NH: Can you describe the picture of Tokyo through the night?
Tomo: It’s a big city, but sometimes we feel alone. Dood decorative illumination’s city. Haha…

NH: Thank you for the interview. Can you leave a message to all Nippon Heaven readers?
Tomo: Thank you for reading my interview. I will show you more funny world, so please check me everytime!
I hope you will love Japan more! Thank you!

You can find and follow Tomo on Twitter, where he share his thought with the whole world. If you still didn’t, you’ll fall in love with his sincerity, his “Good morning, world” and “Good night, world” (his trademark) and you’ll be able to see the world through his eyes.


Interview taken by: Kalina Petrova for Nippon Heaven!

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