Staff Top 10 Music Releases of 2014 by Amairo

Another great year has passed and so much new CDs were released. Here is the last top 10 for this year, by the last staff member, who writes about music – me, Amairo, the head. And as such, I’ll start with number 10.

10. ADAMS – Akisame
06_adamsThis single by ADAMS is also their latest and I think that it represents their music, ideas and their true self. I’ve never been at their concert, but their creativity is what makes me like the music they make and why the single is in here.




THE420THEATRICAL+ROSESMEJIBRAY has always been one of my favorite bands, not because their looks, but because their music. With this release they didn’t disappointed me at all and shows to everybody how good they can make their music. I like their melodic songs as well as I like their screaming hard songs. They make one of the best mixes between this two ways of singing.



8. KAT-TUN – come here
come hereEven they are 4 members now, they are doing some great music again. Along with the new songs, there is some of there previous released songs included. One of the best pop band out there.




7. DIR EN GREY – Arche
archeTruly one of the best releases this year. DIR EN GREY are iconic band and as such they always release great music for the listeners ears. I like Kyo’s voice and they way he makes me feel while singing. And of course, some of the best instrumentals.



6. sForzato – G.D.N
GDNjacketwebsForzato is new band for me, but they really grabbed my attention with this release. I’ve been listening to it day after day, without stopping. I really do recommend this band. They need fame… more fame~!




5. Anli Pollicino – Angel Heart
eazz-0115One of the latest singles by the band. Anli Pollicino is very favorite band of mine and I do like to listen to their music. All 3 songs from this single are stunning and mind blowing. I especially like “Lips to Lips” – incredible song for sure.




4. Sadie – bleach
bleachI love this mini-album of Sadie. I love their songs and the way of mixing and creating the tracks. Probably best of the best this year.




3. LOST ASH – Message
LEMOB-6The last released CD of LOST ASH. The band really grew up through the years and this CD shows their change. I like it as well as I like all their releases. The specific voice of Daiki and the skills of the other members makes their releases a must to hear. From everybody.




2. RevleZ – Punishment
PunishmentIt never happened Kyoma to disappoint me. This is the real proof. This band knows how to make music and how to represent it to the listeners. It deserves more and more.




1. GUILD – Flowers ~ The Super Best of Love ~
flowersEven if it’s best of album, there is also new songs and new sound. GUILD – the Diamond Gods! Best of the BEST! There is no more what to say! You don’t talk about the GODS – you listen to them!!!

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