Staff Top 10 Music Releases of 2014 by Picapica

01) DEZERT – 僕の「誤解」と右折禁止のルール違反 [2014.04.26, single (3 songs) 1620yen]
DEZERT is still a prety young band but they have a pretty unique sound, they choose 3 good songs which you can listen over and over. Everyone should check this single out!01_DEZERT

02) dieS – VICTIM [2014.08.13, Album (10 songs) 2500yen] [BUY]
dieS is a band with 2 members only and support members. Because of that they have great artist under them who can create together a masterpiece of an album. There is no random screaming but truly music sung from the heart also played from the heart. You cannot skip this album.

03) Calmando Qual – Zetsubou no Gosenfu [2014.04.23, mini album (7 songs + PV), 2700yen] [BUY]
Calmando Qual is already 13 years under us since 2001, while making not such strong music in the last 4 year they simply come back with a strong mini album which is a truly master piece, everything fits. And it would be strange if you wouldn’t like this piece. So please check it out if you didn’t do it. Even maybe if the members aren’t your type, believe me, they know how to play music.

04) Damijaw – This is my Wing [2014.05.21, mini album, 1080yen] [BUY]
Damijaw is the solo project of Ka-Yu from Janne Da Arc one of the best rock bands which was ever born in Japan. He plays bass and he sings. It’s a very nice mini album surly check out his solo project, Janne Da Arc Shuji plays the drums! They are way to underrated.

05) CeLL-セル- – 君を汚した [2014.02.08, maxi single (4 songs+PV)]
The Grandpa band of this top 10 list, because they are so long in the visual kei world they know what people want to listen to and how they need to make sons catchy enough. There is no way that you cannot like Cell.

06) ADAMS – Akisame [2014.09.24, Single (2 songs), 1,98Euro] [BUY]
After my disappointment of their album SIXNINE ADAMS finally released a very great single, which I like very much. They did do a great job. Check it out.

07) FEST VAINQUEUR – Lionheart [2014.05.07, album 2970yen] [BUY]
One of the most underrated bands ever, How can’t they be loved? is it the voice? Well they proved with this release AGAIN that they are a great band and that they really know how to create a good rock sound which doesn’t get boring at all.

08) CeLL-セル- – 自己言及パラドックス [18.07.2014, single (2 songs) ]
Every melody, everything in this single fits. can’t it be more perfect? They simply know how to make music!

09) DEZERT – タイトルなし [2014.11.12, album (12 songs)3000yen] [BUY]
While listen this album you really notice that the guys have talent, its much better music than most visual kei bands bring on the market nowdays. Also the vocalist voice isn’t that “Standard” it has something more. Truly check them out.

10) REDMAN – Flame of Life [2014.02.26, Mini album (6 songs) 1851yen] [BUY]
They aren’t visual kei at all. But its very good music. I like it way more than Girugamesh since it’s played in a way better style.

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