Lipstick Review: Anna Sui Lip Stick M

pic_lipMIntroduced in Anna Sui’s fall collection in 2014 and featured #1 in my last top 10, the very pretty Lip Stick M had everything to make me buy one. So when I was in Japan, I didn’t resisted to buy the limited shade 370 (Pink Galaxy). Let’s see how I enjoyed this pink marbled shade with a shooting star shaped stick.

The package is very classy and includes Japanese, English, and French languages. The stick itself hasCopie de Sans titre 1 also a classy design with stars at the bottom to remind the lipstick shape inside. I was pretty disappointed when I saw the lipstick’s size since there is only 2.5cms. I guess this is to prevent the star shape to not broke maybe. But for the price of 2.800yens, I was hoping for more.

Anyways, it is very pretty and so well designed that you can’t do anything else but love it. Moreover, it has a very good fragrance of rose so you can enjoy it while applying. 

2014-09-03 16.02.43

The marbled two shades makes the color look different at each use. During the first times, the colors looked light pink with a lot of glitters, and now it looks more deep pink.

The shooting star shape doesn’t prevent a good application on the lips, and the fact that there is several oils, makes the lipstick be very moisturizing. Due to that, the texture is a bit sticky on the lips but not disturbing so it’s ok. I like this lipstick a lot but I’m so affraid of breaking the star shape I’m not using it too often as I know the pretty shape will disappear ^^

2014-11-20 12.37.24


♥ Pretty package with several languages
♥ Awesome stick with star shape
♥ Pretty marbled colors that gives different shades
♥ Moisturizing


</3 A bit expensive for so few product inside
</3 Can be sticky on lips

 My note: 7/10


photos by Yeon for Yeonnities

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