Eye Shadow Review: Fasio Dual Grade Eyes


Fasio is a brand from KOSE, with makeup items based on modern and working women. Dual Grade Eyes is one of the five eye color palettes available from the brand. It has two shades, one light and another darker to make the eye contour deeper.

I chose the pink variation PK-8 (1.200yen)  to write this review. The package is simple but pretty, very nice to place in your pouch. Moreover, the box is not too easy to open so you’ll be sure it won’t open itself during a trip.

Both colors are very pretty and creates a cute yet soft makeup. I like to ally it with a pink Sans titre 2blusher to complete the look. It is very well pigmented so you don’t need to apply too much coats, and it is long lasting!

It is also removed easily when cleansing and not irritating. So I recommend it to you if you like simplSans titre 1e makeup but still a bit designed, with a light color, and a shade that will make your look more profound.



♥ Beautiful colors and well pigmented

♥ Long lasting

♥ Applicator

♥ Transportable without worries


</3 The fake mirror

 My note: 9/10
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