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My First Story is formed in summer of 2011 in Shibuya / Tokyo. Their 1st full debut album ”MY FIRST STORY” is release in April 2012 with sales of 20,000 copies. Their debut in Oricon Weekly chart is on 16 position and 1st position in indie charts. They appeared to big events and summer festivals. Live performance of a masterpiece. Their second album ”THE STORY IS MY LIFE” they release in February 2013. 1st single and DVD ”最終回 STORY” they release in July 2013. In February 2014 they release 1 st DVD ”The Ending of the Beginning Tour Final ONEMAN SHOW atEBISU LIQUIDROOM”. In July and August same year they release and two new singles ”Black Rail” and ”不可逆リプレイス”.

Hiro – vocal

hiro vo Teru – guitar

teru gt Sho – guitar

sho gt2 Nob – bass

nob ba Masack – drums

masack dr

最終回STORY – 30.07.2013
Black Rail – 16.07.2014
不可逆リプレイス – 24.08.2014

MY FIRST STORY – 04.04.2012
THE STORY IS MY LIFE – 06.02.2013

The Ending of the Beginning Tour Final ONEMAN SHOW atEBISU LIQUIDROOM – 05.02.2014
BONEDS TOUR MOVIE – 21.06.2014






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