Lash Care Review: Canmake Lash Care Essence

Taking care of your lashes is very important when you use mascara and that sometimes you forget how weak your lashes can be and just rub them without thinking. Thankfully, lash care products are there hehe, and I tried Canmake’s Lash Care Essence, about which I heard a lot of good things.

The package of the Lash Care Essence is simple with red color, but very handy and light in weight! It is sealed in a plastic cover, and easy to open. Despite the English words in the front, the ingredients and instructions at the back are all in Japanese only. However you can read the instructions on Canmake’s English site if you need to.

When releasing the applicator, the essence inside does not have a strong smell but is quite particular. Well, I don’t really mind since the fragrance is not very important for that kind of product.

Sans titre 1


The applicator is in white color and the tip is very soft. It is inclined to make the transparent essence easy to apply on the eyelashes and yes, like this it is easy to coat every lashes. It is very soft and I don’t even feel I put something on them.


Sans titre 2



The essence contains green gentian extract (anti irritant) as well as some collagen and ginseng. I don’t really see here the use of ginseng but well, Asia love ginseng that’s all (and now that I think about it, the weird fragrance maybe comes from the ginseng…). It also has panthenol (vitamin B) and silk (antioxydant). With all of this, the lash care essence claims to “repair your lashes while nourishing them, amking them springy and glossy.”  You can use it before applying mascara (after waiting that it’s dry), and after cleansing.

I’m using it since 2 months and I already see the effect of it every day! My eyelashes looks way healthier and thicker. When I was rubbing my eyes before there were always at least one lashes that was ripped off but now, it happens really barely. I’m very happy about this product and I can say that all the praises I heard for it are true 🙂

I highly recommend this product if like me you want healthier and brighter eyelashes!


♥ It works

♥ Soft tip making easy to apply the essence

♥ Light package, easy to transport


</3 Weird fragrance

 My note: 9/10
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