Nippon Heaven presents: DictavE

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DictavE is new band formed in summer of 2014. Current members are Jin, Tsuno, Mizki and Toshiya. Their first live is on 24.07.2014. Next live is in August and another three in September. The band have 1st single ”独裁 / Dokusai”, which include 2 songs. Good start for them.

Jin / 侭 – vocal
Birthday: 21.01
Blood type: A

jin vo Tsuno – guitar
Birthday: 11.11
Blood type: B

tsuno gt Mizki / 瑞希 – guitar
Birthday: 18.11
Blood type: B

mizki gt2 Toshiya / 隼耶 – bass
Birthday: 11.12
Blood type: AB

toshiya ba Discography:
独裁 / Dokusai – 2014

Video soon!!!

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