Nippon Heaven presents: Adrays

adrays Official Site

Adrays is new band formed in 2014 with current members Lol, Aoshi, Kohei, Kousuke and Isamu. In the next 2 months they will have some live performance. This is a good start for them.

Lol / ロル – vocal
Birthday: 15.05
Blood Type: B

lol vo Aoshi / 蒼紫 – guitar
Birthday: 10.08
Blood Type: 0

aoshi gt Ko-hei – guitar
Birthday: 24.02
Blood Type: 0

kohei gt Kousuke / こうすけ – bass
Birthday: 16.02
Blood Type: A

kousuke ba Isamu – drums
Birthday: 08.04
Blood Type: ——

isamu dr Discography and video soon!!!

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