Music Review: ONE OK ROCK – Mighty Long Fall

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After their several performances around the world, ONE OK ROCK who was already very popular, gained a lot of attentions from people not necessarily aware of J-Rock. On July 30th, they released a new single “Mighty long Fall / Decision”, and I hastened myself to order it on iTunes.

The title track “Mighty Long Fall” will be used for the movie being released today “Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Taika Hen” (I’m looking forward to watch the movie by the way). I like this song since it sounds really like the band with a mixed atmosphere between tension and emotions. Maybe it lacks a bit of some dynamic but I think it will suit the movie like with “The Beginning” for the first movie of “Rurouni Kenshin” . The English lyrics are well used and controlled with Japanese ones. I was waiting maybe for a better music video but it is well worked and this is a good song!


Second track “Decision” is a pop rock ballad. We can hear the signature of the band but with more American influences in the chorus notably. The song is nice but I was waiting maybe more emotions from the music. Thankfully Taka’s voice is there to enhance, but this is not enough. I was waiting better as usually I’m very touched by their ballads.

“Pieces of Me” is also a ballad, in the same range than the previous one. It sounds a bit flat to me, without real intentions from the band. I’m very surprised and a bit disappointed as they usually brings more musicality to all their tracks. However, this is quite a catchy song, suitable for summer I assume.

With a good title track and two pop ballads, I’m not sure this single will please every fans of ONE OK ROCK. Perhaps this is a new path that the band is trying, but it might disturb their longtime fans that were probably waiting for something more powerful. However, it can also interest them with a new genre suggestion from the four members band.

 My note: 5/10

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