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NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST was formed on September 2009. They began activities October 2009, showing to the audience their own view about the world with heavy, fierce sound. On the tour in May 2010 for the first time they gather lots of audience, and after that they announce new songs for August in the same year. In January 2011 they released their first EP “Voices of the Apocalypse -Sins&Virtues-“. After this guitarist Junpei and drummer Gaku left the band and was replaced by Cazqui and Natsu. On 1st February 2012 they released their first album “Ivy”, followed by single “Bury me” on 30th May. Another single “Last relapse” was released on 19th September.
In 2013 the band grew even bigger and continued to produce more songs – they released another full album “GRIMOIRE”, mini-album “OMEGA” and the single “Triangle Carnage”. All of their releases are expected with lots of excitement from their fans and now the band is one of the most famous Japanese bands among European fans.
In 2014 NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST released 3 singles already and live DVD. and they will start their one-man tour “THE IMPERIAL RULER” in 8 big cities in Japan.


HiroHiro – vocal
Date of birth: 28 November
Blood type: O
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CazquiCazqui – 7 strings guitar
Date of birth: 17 February
Blood type: B
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DaichiDaichi – guitar
Date of birthday: 15 March
Blood type: O
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MasaMasa – bass
Date of birth: 2 April
Blood type: B
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NatsuNatsu – drums
Date of birth: 31 July
Blood type: A
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30.01.2011: voices of the apocalypse -sins- (single)
30.01.2011: voices of the apocalypse -virtues- (single)
01.02.2012: Ivy (album)
30.05.2012: Bury me (single)
19.09.2012: Last relapse (single)
16.12.2012: Obligation (live-limited single)
12.02.2013: Disaster / UNBREAKABLE (digital limited single)
29.05.2013: GRIMOIRE (album)
30.10.2013: OMEGA (mini-album)
07.12.2013: Triangle Carnage (single)
19.03.2014: GEARS OF OMEGA (live DVD)
26.03.2014: Strike in fact (single)
30.04.2014: DESPERATE (single)
28.05.2014: Libra (single)





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