Destination Japan: Where to land?

Are you fascinated of Japan? I believe yes, if you are here reading this article. There are many of you, who like Japan, all over the world, me including. And I know your dream, as mine is the same, right? Just like me, most of you wish to visit Japan someday. Probably you want to visit J-rock and visual kei concert, want to visit some famous shrines, wants to visit Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka… That’s why we from Nippon Heaven made this new rubric, called “Destination Japan”.

Of course, to explore Japan you first to go there, right? And this is our first article for you – where to land in Japan. The most difficult thing for some people is to find how to book the flight and from where. And of course, there is many options as well. First of all, you should cope with the fact that you will spend a lot of time in the air. If this will be your first flight be sure to be well prepared for anything, starting from vomiting (my first flight remembers this).

The next thing to prepare is your visiting schedule in Japan. It will be better to know which city you’ll visit first. If you know this is will be easier to choose the airport in which you’ll land.

Japan have 5 international airports, but only 4 of them hosts flights from Europe. You can choose to land in Kansai International Airport, Narita, Haneda and Centrair. The most privileged people are from France and Germany, I can say, because you know, Lufthansa and Air France are everywhere.

In this article I’m going to list from where to where you can book your flight and with which company, so take a note and prepare yourself for your first flight to Japan.

If you wish to land at Chuubu Centrair International Airport (in Aichi prefecture) you need to be from Finland and Germany or simply to go there. You can get your flight from Helsinki Airport to Japan using Finnair and from Frankfurt Airport using Lufthansa.

People, who wish to land at Kansai International Airport (in Osaka prefecture) have more option than the first ones. You can take the same flights from Helsinki Airport (with Finnair) and from Frankfurt Airport (with Lufthansa), but to land at Kansai. If you are French, you’d better go to Charles de Gaulle in Paris and book your flight with Air France. Italian people also have their direct flights from Rome-Fiumicino with Alitalia. If you’re in Netherland simply go to Amsterdam Airport and take your flight with KLM. The last chance to land in Kansai Airport with flight from Europe is to go to Turkey, at Istanbul-Atatürk Airport and book your ticket with Turkish Airlines.

If you choose to go directly to Tokyo then your best decision will be to land at Tokyo Haneda International Airport, simply known as Haneda Airport. As a bigger airport than the 2 previous there is more flights to there.
French people are again privileged. From Charles de Gaulle in Paris you can choose between 3 airlines. Flights are served by Air France, All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines.
Flights from UK to Haneda are also served by 3 companies. The only thing you need to do is to go to Heathrow and to choose between British Airways, All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines. From Frankfurt Airport to Haneda you have to choose between All Nippon Airways and Lufthansa.
The last chance to Haneda from Europe is Munich Airport, from which you can choose to fly with All Nippon Airways and Lufthansa.

The airport, which hosts the most flights from Europe is definitely Narita International Airport (in Aichi prefecture).
From Russia: take the flight from Moscow-Sheremetyevo using Aeroflot or from Moscow-Domodedovo using Japan Airlines.
From France: from Charles de Gaulle you can choose between Air France, All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines.
From Italy: Alitalia serves flights to Narita from 3 airports in the country – Milan-Malpensa, Rome-Fiumicino and Venice.
From Germany: from Düsseldorf using All Nippon Airways and from Frankfurt. From Frankfurt Airport you can choose between Lufthansa and Japan Airlines.
From Austria: go to Vienna Airport and took your flight with Austrian Airlines.
From UK: from Heathrow Airport you can take your flight to Narita through British Airways and seasonal through Virgin Atlantic Airways.
From Switzerland: from Zürich Airport you have to take your flight with Swiss International Air Lines. However, there is also seasonal flights organized by Edelweiss Air.
From Finland: goes to Helsinki Airport and choose between Finnair and Japan Airlines.
From Netherlands: the flights from Amsterdam Airport to Narita are served by KLM.
From Denmark: simply go to Copenhagen Airport and take your flight with Scandinavian Airlines.
From Turkey: Turkish Airlines serves all flights from Istanbul-Atatürk to Narita.

I hope this will help you when planning your flight to Japan. In the next article I’m going to write about all the ways to go further – from the airport to the desired city and place. That’s why be sure to stay tuned and wait for the next article!

またね! See you!!!


Note: all rights of the picture above belongs to Philipp Lutz and NH use it only for journalistic purposes. Go to his website at

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