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FEST VAINQUER was previously named SINCREA. They was formed in 2005 with 4 members – Hal, Tomo, Hiro and Kazi. Kansai-based visual band SINCREA’s music was energetic rock with an optimistic sound and emphasis on melody. Though it was slow going at first, the quartet’s momentum has been building and it looks like a very bright future lies ahead of them. Their first one-man live, LIVE HELIANTHUS 2007, took place in December of 2007, just after the release of the mini-album HELIANTHUS. In May of 2008 their first maxi-single, Hikari, went on sale and ranked 20th on the Oricon indie charts. In 2009 3 new singles and 1 full album was released. On 28 March 2010 the band decided to disband.

Months later, on 27 October new band, called FEST VAINQUEUR was formed, consisting the same 4 members of SINCREA. On 2nd December same year first release with this name, mini album “FEST VAINQUEUR” was released. In 2011 2 singles was released – “BLAZE” on 11 May and “Hazan” on 7 September. In 2012 3rd single “Ai no Kusari” was released on 7th March. May 2012 Tomo decided to depart. 2 new guitarist replaced him – I’ll (Airu) and Gaku, both of them ex. figallo. On 17 October first conceptual album “GENERATION” was released. The album consisted 5 cover songs and 5 other songs by FEST VAINQUEUR.
On 20 March 2013 4th single “TRISKELION” was released in 3 different editions.5 months later, the band continued to release new stuff and on 28th August 2013 their fifth single “NANIWA SAMBA” was dropped in stores.
In the beginning of 2014 FEST VAINQUEUR mostly played lives and prepared their first full album. Consisting of 12 full songs, “LIONHEART” was released on 7th May 2014 and was promoted with big tour in 10 different cities throughout Japan. The band continues their activity as right after was announced that new single is coming soon.


HalHal – vocal
Birth day: 09.07
Blood type: 0
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GakuGaku – guitar
Birth day: 01.11
Blood type: О
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I'llI`ll – guitar
Birth day: 27.10
Blood type: В
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HiroHiro – bass
Birth day: 10.27
Blood type: О
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KaziKazi – drums
Birth day: 09.29
Blood type: B
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Former member:
Tomo – guitar


As Sincrea
Helianthus – 19.12.2007
ATLAS – 17.12.2008
PANDORA – 16.12.2009

Hikari – 28.05.2008
Sakura mai chiru kisetsu ni kimi ga yume mita koto – 01.04.2009
Garasu no Namida – 26.08.2009
Xmas Day – 11.11.2009

FEST VAINQUEUR – 02.12.2010
BLAZE – 11.05.2011
Hazan (覇斬) – 07.09.2011
Ai no Kusari (愛の鎖) – 07.03.2012
GENERATION – 17.10.2012
TRISKELION – 20.03.2013
NANIWA SAMBA – 28.08.2013
LIONHEART – 07.05.2014
Valencia and Virginia (ヴァレンシアとヴァージニア) – 30.07.2014



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