Mascara Review: Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara WP


Heroine Make (known also as Kiss Me Heroine Make), is a popular make-up brand in Japan. Mostly among teenagers for hmthe girly and cute packages with the character Marie Antoinette from the famous anime Versailles no Bara (The Rose of Versailles). Despite those girly packages, the brand is not assimilated to make-up for kids and can aim for older customers as well.


The brand won several awards for their mascara lineup in 2009 and 2010, and is appreciated for good quality products. The mission of Heroine Make? Making every woman in Japan, an heroine!

This is with excitement that I tried my first product from this appealing brand, the Make Long & Curl Mascara WP!


As2014-05-30 12.08.41 expected, the package is very cute with pinky color and the picture of Marie Antoinette. It is very easy to open and you don’t need scissors because both parts are not sealed together.

At the back there are some instructions (no English), with pictures of how to use the brush.

The container is more neutral in terms of colors, so every women can use it. It has a dark purple color with barely visible glitters, while the cap is silvery. It is not very thin, but very light in weight. Very nice to transport.




The brush inside is slightly curved and is 2.5cm long while the fibers are 0.5cm wide. The product is deeply black (named Raven2014-05-30 12.12.01 Black by the brand), and contains camelia and argan oils that are anti oxidants, and contains also royal jelly extract, and rose oil for the fragrance. There is also Kaninabara fruit oil, that is an anti aging agent to protect your eyelashes.

When you see the package, you can assume that the brand claims this mascara will give you a manga-like look with those super sized eyelashes ahah ^^ Well, my eyelashes were not that long of course but it worked well and they were expanded prettily! I like it a lot, there are no packages and it gives a nice look for every day, and you can also use it after curling your eyelashes with a curler, it would look even  better.

The product also claims to be Waterproof and this is totally right ^^ I also tried to rub it, gently and strongly. Nothing, and I say really nothing, went off on my fingers and around my eyes, while my eyelashes still looked great. Great job Heroine Make! 



♥ Price (1.080¥ /~8€)
♥ Cute package
♥ Pretty container
♥ Gives a nice and dolly look
♥ Waterproof


</3 Not easy to remove with a simple cleanser

My note: 9/10

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