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Sadie was founded by Mao, Tsurugi, Aki, Mizuki and Sora in February 2005, and comes from the English word “sad”, according to vocalist, Mao. Their first live appearance was on March 18, 2005 at Osaka Big Cat,  when they were the opening act for D, Fatima, Doremidan, shulla, Kra and others. On July 27, 2005 Sadie released their first maxi single, “Kokui no Shita no Yokubou to, Kunou no Hate ni Mita Hyakkei no Yuritachi”, limited to 2000 copies that sold out rapidly.  On December 3, Sadie had their first oneman called “Dekiai ~As a Sad Matter of Fact~” in the Osaka Muse Hall in front of 250 people, introducing their new single “Dekiai”, which came out a few days later and the single “Oboreru Sakana”, exclusive for visitors of their concert. After Sora left the group in January, Sadie were featured on an Omnibus compilation CD called “sawayaka sankumi” with the song “meisai”. This CD was limited to 777 copies and came with only 3 tracks, one by Sadie, one by Billy and one by The Pumpkin Head. In March, shortly after the announcement of their first EP “The Trend Killer”, Kei replaced Sora as the group’s drummer. On April 19 and 26, Sadie were guests at Shoji Noriko’s internet TV show “shigoto mo rock mo hard ga saikou!!”. At Sadie’s oneman on May 6, three days after the release of “The Trend Killer”, the visitors got the chance to receive the second unofficial single “sayonara no hate”. In the following period, Sadie continued to release new material; two more EPs, two more singles and also two live DVDs.
In June 2008, Sadie’s first studio album was released, Undead 13+2. It contained re-recordings of old, unobtainable Sadie songs. A DVD with music videos came with the limited edition. It was also announced that another single will be released in July, named “Grieving the Dead Soul”.
In 2009, Sadie went on a three-man tour with heidi. and lynch.. In February 2009, Sadie released their 5th and first full length album Master of Romance, containing 4 songs previous recorded within the following year. In July, they were invited to AM² Convention at Anaheim, California along with heidi. on July 1st – 3rd, 2011. In April 2011 the band released their new full album, called “COLD BLOOD”, which consist 12 songs and unplugged version of the song “Dress”. October 2011 new single “Rosario” was released and December same year new DVD “6th Anniversary GIG:[DEADLY BIRTHDAY] at NAMBA Hatch”.
April 2012 new mini-album “RED LINE” was released, followed by the single “METEOR” in July. Same month as the single new DVD, consisting their PVs “CLIPS-13” was released. In October 2012 new full album “THE BLACK DIAMONDS” was released, consisting 10 new songs. In March 2013 new single “Soukoku no Tsuya” was released in 4 different editions. Same year they release and 4th album ”MADRIGAL de MARIA” on 16.10.3013. Next year follow the 6th mini-album ”bleach” and new full album ”GANGSTA”, which they will release on 24.09.2014.

Mao (真緒) – vocal
Birthday: 7 June

mao vo

Mizuki (美月) – guitar
Birthday: 8 January

mizuki gt2 Tsurugi (剣) – guitar
Birthday: 2 April

.tsurugi gt Aki (亜季) – bass
Birthday: 27 May

aki ba Kei (景) – drums
Birthday: 30 November

kei dr

Kokui no Shita no Yokubou to, Kunou no Hate ni Mita Hyakkei no Yuri-tachi (黒衣の下の欲望と、苦悩の果てに視た百景の百合達) – 27.07.2005
Obereru Sakana (溺れる魚) – 03.12.2005
Dekiai (溺哀) – 21.12.2005
Sayonara no Hate (サヨナラの果て) – 06.05.2006
GRUDGE OF SORROW – 02.08.2006
dekiai (Sairoku) (溺哀 (再録); Re-Recording) – 20.01.2007
a holy terrors – 28.03.2007
Mousou Higyaku Seiheki (妄想被虐性癖) – 07.11.2007
Grieving the dead soul – 23.07.2008
Struggle against betrayal – 05.10.2008
Ice Romancer – 17.12.2008
Awaki Gunjou (Sairoku) (淡き群青 (再録)) – 02.05.2009
Kagerou (陽炎; Heat Haze) – 15.07.2009
Dress (ドレス) – 28.04.2010
Cry More (クライモア) – 29.09.2010
toge (棘; Thorns) – 03.11.2010
uggernaut – 15.12.2010
Rosario (ロザリオ) – 12.10.2011
METEOR – 25.07.2012
Soukoku no Tsuya (双刻の艶) – 27.03.2013

The Trend Killer – 03.05.2006
THE BULLET STORM – 25.07.2007
Gain – 30.12.2009
RED LINE – 04.04.2012
bleach – 14.05.2014

“SADIE” ~UNDEAD13+2~ – 25.06.2008
MASTER OF ROMANCE – 25.02.2009
Singles – 28.04.2010
COLD BLOOD – 06.04.2011
MADRIGAL de MARIA – 16.10.2013
GANGSTA – 24.09.2014

Distract against the terrors -at O-EAST 20070427- – 01.08.2007
Crimson Tear (Director’s CUT) – 02.04.2008
Grieving the dead soul -at AKASAKA BLITZ 20081005- – 18.03.2009
“MASTER OF ROMANCE” at SHIBUYA-AX 20090502 – 28.10.2009
“DRESS OF SKIN” at SHIBUYA C.C.Lemon HALL 20100611 – 06.10.2010
6th Anniversary GIG:[DEADLY BIRTHDAY] at NAMBA Hatch – 14.12.2011
CLIPS-13 – 11.07.2012

Sawayaka 3-kumi (さわやか3組) (#2 “Meisai”) – 18.01.2006
Shock Edge 2006 (#7 “Sayonara no Hate”) – 10.10.2006
V-ROCK Disney (#5 “This Is Halloween”) – 14.09.2011
V-ANIME ROCKS! (#2 Pegasus Gensou) – 01.08.2012






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