Review: Canmake Lasting Multi Eye Base WP

item_eye056Wow, the name of this eye primer is quite long ahah ^^; The Lasting Multi Eye Base WP by Canmake is introduced by the Japanese brand as a “multi purpose eye make-up base that you can use with eye shadow, eyebrow make-up, and eyeliner”.

I was very interested to try it when I first saw it. The price is affordable (500yens), and the package looks nice. It comes sealed in a little white and opaque tube. You know what I think about opaque packages right?… It’s ok for some products but not this one. Because I always feel like there is less products inside than the package allows, and I can’t really know when I’ll be running out of it.

Well exept this point, the package is small and thin, easy to transport in your pouch 🙂

Now the base. It has a white color that becomes transparent when applied on skin so it goes with every colors.


It also has a sticky texture that adheres to the skin smoothly. So I tried with 3 different eye shadow in different textures (a 2014-06-26 13.39.29creamy, a power, and a crayon one)

Due to the sticky feeling, the eyeshadows are a bit harder to apply above, mostly the crayon type one. Nothing serious though. Each color I tried was instantly boosted. As you can see on the photo below, (left is without base and right is with base) the powder one appeared brighter, and the brown one appeared more mat.


2014-06-26 13.43.19

At first I didn’t really saw this result on my eyes but when I tried on my arm, I saw the difference! So I’m quite reassured that it has the effect that it claimed to have ^^

About the lasting power, it is honnest. It could be better but it last enough to keep your eye shadow looking good a half day. I was waiting better, mostly about the eyeliner transfer on the upper lid that the brand said this base was preventing. It is not.

Apart this point, I’m satisfied with the product though I’m not sure I would buy it again.

This is a good eye primer that enlightens your make-up and prevents it to fade away. It is waterproof and has a good price.



♥ Price
♥ Easy to take for travelling
♥ Gives a boost to eye shadows


</3 Opaque package
</3 Does not have all the effects that it claims to have


General note: 6/10

src promo pic: canmake


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