Concealer review: Canmake Cover and stretch concealer UV + Giveaway !


In my researches for the concealer that would finally help me to hide my very bad dark circles, I tried the Cover and stretch concealer UV from Canmake, which I heard was very good. And I liked it so much, that I want you also to try! So I’m giving away one Canmake concealer to one person, at the tone of her choice!! You’ve read it well ^^

Read my review about this concealer and participate to the giveaway to maybe win!

My dark circles and pockets are very bad and it’s very hard to conceal them or at least make them a bit less visible. Canmake’s cover and stretch concealer is affordable for every budgets (around 780yens), and has three tones. I bought the Natural Beige shade for my own skin tone, but the three of them can be used not only for skin tone but for their particular effect. If I knew before, I would have bought the Light Beige which is like a brightener. However, I already have a brightener and I’m convinced by the tone of the concealer tone I took.


2014-04-05 11.56.10

The package is quite simple, but colorful and highlights the fact that this concealer has a sun protection (SPF25/PA++). The product is also unperfumed, alcohol free, sebum absorbing, and moisturizing. The container itself is thin and small (10.5cm) so it won’t take much place in your pouch. With silver writings and cap, it is classy and sober. I like it.

The applicator is soft but not weak! The only inconvenient might be the output that obviously gets dirty, but not sticky so it won’t get blocked one day.



2014-04-05 11.56.37

The texture is creamy and fits itself really well to the skin tone when pat gently over it. About my own dark circles (I don’t use it for spots but it is also can be used for them), this is really effective! I never tried a concealer that is that efficient on my under eye area. Only 3 little dots on the skin are enough to cover the area because the texture is really creamy so if you put more, it will become sticky and not comfortable.

The lasting power is very good. I don’t always retouch my make up so I really like that fact. The waterproof effect is okay so makeup is prevented to run or crease. If with all of these good points you don’t want to try this product, I don’t know what I can say more! Oh, actually I do! You have the possibility to have it for free! With the giveaway I am holding with Nippon Heaven, you just have to choose the tone you want, and follow the steps below!


1. Like Nippon Heaven and Yeonnities Facebook pages
2. Share the link of the giveaway (from one of the 2 pages) on your Facebook profile on public
3. Drop a comment on Yeonnities’ post with the name of your Facebook account and the tone of your choice (1, 2, or 3)

How to choose the tone:


The winner will be chosen on next Saturday, May the 24th! Good luck to all of you!

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