Eye Shadow review: Visée Rich Smoky Eyes

13071Released for the 2013 fall collection of glamor brand Visée, Smoky Rich Eyes palette includes five tones, in eight variations.
I got myself the BL-8 palette, as I needed a dark blue eye shadow to match some outfit.

I really like the design of the package; it is very nice, feminine, and classy. The opening/closure is easy, though weak in my mind, I’m afraid it would open if brought in a long travel.

A brush and a sponge applicator are included in the pack, which is a good point. However the sponge seems to be weak since I already broke it (it falls off the stick now) while applying colors on my skin for this test :/

But let’s talk about the main subject here, the shadows. Here is the photo of the palette I choose:

2014-05-13 18.26.18

A is a light base with a creamy texture, B and C are the main shadows, giving a not too much glittery color, with a good pigmentation for both of them. D and E are dark liners. All the shadows are well separated to prevent mixing together.

2014-05-13 18.40.56I really like this palette. The dark blue has a really good pigmentation and the lasting is good. It won’t stay perfect all day and will makes weird lines on the eyelid after a long time, but still will have the same good pigmentation.  It gives a smooth look that can be worn every day, using one, or both main shadows.

The whole shadows can be removed easily except the liners if you have placed several coats. Be careful and very gentle when removing to prevent irritations.

I’m recommending this product for the smooth rendering on the skin, and for the nice price of 1470yen.

Global note: 8/10

Tips from the brand:



Other palettes available:

Visee Smoky Rich Eyes 1


src promo photos: visée, imomoko

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