Japan team group (JPN), MARCH 5, 2014 - Football /Soccer : Kirin Challenge Cup 2014 between Japan 4-2 New Zealand at National Stadium, Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by YUTAKA/AFLO SPORT)

Japanese national soccer team news

With the approaching World Cup in Brazil, let’s do an overview of the news about the Japanese national soccer team. Late last year we announced, that the team will be presented with new kit. The kit will be worn from the Blue Samurai in their fifth consecutive World Cup campaign in Brazil this summer. The concept of the kit is “ENJIN (i.e., the act of ‘going into a huddle’)”. The kit is an expression of the players and the supporters realise, that now is the time to unite as one and go into a huddle (“ENJIN”) to get ready for the battle ahead and capture the victory. The kit is in the team’s traditional blue color with a rounded neck design. It features peach colored sleeve cuffs, along with a peach and white band, across its back in a painted effect. On the left side of the chest, there are 11 lines spreading out from the emblem, expressing the way those players depart from the “ENJIN” to their respective positions on the pitch for the battle.
The Japan 2014 kit is completed by blue shorts with peach accents and socks in blue, peach and white. The goalkeeper kit is predominantly white.

japanese national team kit Another news for the team are the players and the talisman for this World Cup. For the World Cup this year, for mascot of the team was chosen Pikachu (character from the anime Pokemon). He will be accompanied by 10 other characters from the anime, all of whom will go on to support the team.


The video below shows the concept of the football kit. ‘ Engine ‘ harmonious, working as one.

Time to announce and the possible 23 players for World championship:
Eiji Kawashima
Shūsaku Nishikawa
Shūichi Gonda
Atsuto Uchida
Gōtoku Sakai
Yūto Nagatomo
Yasuyuki Konno
Masahiko Inoha
Hiroki Sakai
Maya Yoshida
Keisuke Honda
Yasuhito Endō
Shinji Kagawa
Hajime Hosogai
Hideto Takahashi
Hotaru Yamaguchi
Makoto Hasebe
Hiroshi Kiyotake
Yōichirō Kakitani
Yūya Ōsako
Takashi Inui
Shinji Okazaki

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