Month: May 2014

Video Corner: Awoi – Haikei, itoshiku mo tsumetai zetsubō no ame

Awoi revealed full video for their 6th mini album ”フテキゴウな林檎 / Futekigouna ringo”, which they release on 07.05.2014. The song is ”拝啓、愛しくも冷たい絶望の雨 / Haikei, itoshiku mo tsumetai zetsubō no ame”. Enjoy!!! [youtube=] Source: 44ZombieMeister44 Yputube channel

Video Corner: BugLug – 骨

Finally, the fans of BugLug will not wait anymore. They revealed full vodeo for song ”骨 / HONE”. Enjoy the song and the video! [youtube=] Source: rzmgxxx YouTube channel

Video Corner: Sadie – Bleach

Finally, after we write about Sadie new mini album, now they revealed full video for song ”Bleach” from it. Both are with the same name. Enjoyy the video and the song!!! [youtube=] Source: 44ZombieMeister44 YouTube channel