Chicken curry ( チキンカレー)


Let’s raise the level with this second recipe! You probably already know that the curry is one of the most popular dish in Japan despite it does not come from the country directly but from India. However, the Japanese version is more soft and less spicy than the Indian one (thanks God, or else my sissy mouth wouldn’t able to eat it =p)
There are several way to make a Japanese curry, but you will always find carrots, onions, and potatoes in them. The meat that will be used in this upcoming recipe will be chicken because I’m a big fan, but there also recipes with porc and beef. The recipe is not very hard, but you have to really follow the steps clearly.

For 4 persons
Time: around 50 minutes


– Kokumaru curry roux (sweet or medium): 1 portion of 95g

– Chicken breasts: ~150g

– Rice: 800g

– Onion: 1

– Potatoes: 5

– Carrots: 3

1. Cut the potatoes and carrots in pieces, and mince the onion.

2. Cut chicken in pieces, add salt and pepper on it.

3. Put some oil (about 2 tablespoon) in a heavy pan. Pre-cook the chicken slightly before removing it.

4. Fry the onions with the carrots. Add the potatoes a bit later, when the carrots are at about the half to be cooked.

5. Add chicken when the carrots are cooked, and pour water just above the whole ingredients.

6. Let it stew for about 15 minutes and remove the foam on the top.

7. Start preparing the rice during that time.

8. Turn off fire and add the curry roux. Mix it well in the preparation until it all melts.

9. Turn on again fire and let everything stew for about 10 minutes.


My tips

The heavy pan
It is perfectly okay if you don’t have one. It works also with a normal pan, you’ll just have to be more careful that the ingredients won’t burn by mixing and checking them more often.

Why tuning off the fire to make melt the curry?
The curry melts better when the temperature is less high.

Where can I buy Kokumaru curry?
See if your usual Asian grocery shop have some equivalent curry brand, as long as it is a classic version (without fruit or stuffs like this that will add another taste). You can find it also on internet in some specialized webstores. I buy mine on Candysan but they are often running off that product sadly.


This is Kokumaru curry roux in sweet version. Medium will be green, and hot will be blue.

Sweet, Medium, or Hot
Like I said before, I’m quite sensitive to spicy food so I take my curry in “sweet” version. And it’s already enough spicy for me. I think medium would be good for people who are more tolerant, and hot should be…terrible? xD Anyhow, I recommend to take the sweet one if you like spicy food without removing all the taste from other ingredients.

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