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Note: This product is a pharmaceutical care; please refer to your pharmacist before using if you have any allergy or health problems with your eyes. Please stop using the product if your eye reacts badly to it and that the redness remains. Do not overuse it and use with clean hands.

Today I’m going to introduce a product from the pharmaceutical brand Rohto. The brand is specialized in Eye Care products but also other fields like skin care and oral medicine. They have several under brands; some of their products are present in other parts of the world like America and Europe. Among those under brands, there is ‘Lycée’.

I have very sensitive eyes and was often avoiding eye make up for not always rubbing them and make them cry but a friend introduced those eye drops to me and since then, I always use them.
The product is made also for circle lenses but in my case I bought for normal eyes, which is made for preventing redness of the eyes and relieve them from inflammation and itchy feeling. It also has a care effect against UV and wind, as well as a decongestant ingredient.

The product comes in a cute pink package, with a ‘how to use’ paper (Japanese only). It has a square shape, and is very easy to open.


The output of the product is thin and precise. This design that you can see above, shows that you can use the drops smoothly in every angle. Well, it is true, but you have to not be clumsy like me, because I took a certain time before finding my own way to drop them in the target ^^;

The recommended dosage by Rohto is one or two drops at once in each eye, three at six times per day. Personally, I think it’s a bit too much but I guess it’s accordingly your own need of care. I just use one drop in each eye before makeup, and put once again during the day only if the itchy feeling comes back.

The pink colored (due to vitamin B12) liquid smells good thought it has a ‘medical smell’ as well, but it’s not unpleasant. The first time using it was very surprising to me, as it has a big refreshing sensation! You will feel first like that a big wind blows into your eyes and you will probably have tears because of this. The first times are a bit painful because the eyes need to adapt to this product.  After about 4-5 times of using it, now I don’t feel any problem and my eyes are really relieved from tiredness and redness. I don’t feel any more itchy feeling when I have my makeup now thanks to those drops. I don’t see how I could not use it ^^


♥ Good price (paid around 8/9€)
♥ Long lasting if moderate use
♥ Quick effect
♥ Refreshing sensation
♥ Small and cute package, easy to transport
♥ Really effective against sun and wind


▼ First times using are a bit painful

Recommending? : Yes!!
Global note: 9/10

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