Omurice (オムライス)


For my first recipe here, I wanted to share an easy one, that does not requires too much specified products from Japan or from an Asian grocery store. So no excuses about that you can’t find this or that product in your country and let’s take your aprons! 🙂

Who never drooled while watching Japanese people eating an omurice in a drama? Don’t lie! I see you~ And because I’m one of those persons whose the stomach make sounds when watching an omurice on my screen, I hurried myself to try a recipe.

Omurice is technically an omelette, filled with fried rice and topped with ketchup. So this is a dish more comtemporary, coming from the 20th century, that even seduced neighbors countries of Japan. This dish is popular among kids, but everyone will agree that whatever how old you are, this dish is simply wonderfully good.
But let’s stop talking and start cooking!

This recipe is made for 4 persons.
The ingredients can be replaced by some others, depending  to your own tastes.
Time: around 40 minutes



– Round rice (or sushi rice): 250g

– Chicken breasts: 150g

– Tomatoes: 2

– Soy sauce

– Ketchup

– Cooking oil: about 2 tablespoons


– Eggs: 8 (2 per person)

– Salt

– Pepper

  1. Wash the rice well and cover it with water in a pan. Let it cook until all the water is gone and remove the pan from fire.
  2. Cut the tomatoes in dice as well as the chicken breasts. If you don’t like tomatoes, they can be replaced by yellow pepper for example, and chicken can be replaced by another meat without problem.  You can even add other veggies like peas and carrots and even mushrooms depending on your own tastes.
  3. Make fry the rice with tomatoes and chicken in a stove. Add soy sauce at your own taste. If you are not sure, use one tablespoon for one person.
  4. Prepare an omelette by working the eggs, salt, and pepper. Pour this preparation in a stove and make a very thin and large omelette.
  5. When the omelette is almost cooked, put the rice mixed with the veggies on one half of the omelette before folding the other half above.
  6. Put some ketchup on the top at your own taste, and make the same steps for the other 3 omurices.


My tips

Why washing the rice?
It will remove the impurities and starch from the rice. It will keep its softness and shining. The water has to be cold and you have to ‘massage’ the rice without crushing it. Technically, washing it thrice should be enough to have a rice well washed.

Having issues for folding the omelette?
It is the most complicated part of the recipe. So don’t worry if you don’t succeed at first time! Use the largest stove that you have. The best is that you use a stove for crêpes. It’s thin so it’s easy to work with. Use a thin and long spatula to raise the half of the omelette. Be careful about not placing too much rice on the other half or else the omelette won’t close easily and will probably break when you’ll take it out from the stove.

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