Merry Christmas!

nh chrMerry Christmas, dear friends!

Christmas is a very special holiday of the year and everybody awaits it during the whole year. This is very specific holiday – in the Christian religion, people celebrate it with their families and that’s why it’s mostly known as a holiday of the family.

In Japan is different! As you may know, the religion there is different. But however, as in every part of the world Japanese people decorate and makes everything like in the other countries. Difference here is that in the Christmas Eve young people celebrate it with the love ones. So in Japan this holiday is special mostly for the couples!

We, from Nippon Heaven, wish to every one person in the world a lot of health, happiness, luck and a lot of love! No matter if you are in Japan and celebrate with your love one or anywhere in the world, celebrating with your family – be sure to spend a great holiday and to be happy during this special holiday!

Merry Christmas!! メリークリスマス!!

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