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HITT HITT HITT! There isn’t a fan from Europe, who don’t know his name! Performing in Europe every year, HITT became very popular persona and preferable musician. With his soft voice, beautiful songs and incredible performances he manage to delight us every time.

Due to his upcoming tour, starting in a few days, HITT agreed to give us an interview! And here it is:

Nippon Heaven: Hello, HITTさん!お元気ですか?
Hello! I’m fine! Thank you so much! How are you?

NH: HITT as a musician is very popular in the European scene, but how will you describe your career till now and in the future?
As you know I started long time ago, I had several punk-rock bands, like BBDan, before becoming a solo artist. It’s back in 2009 I made my first concerts in Europe, and immediately I felt a very good relation between European fans and me. So I tried to come as often as possible. Europe is really a place where I can express my music, whatever the language and the nationalities, everybody feels the music the same way. So I hope to continue my career here in Europe, and to keep on progressing.

NH: Nippon Heaven is press from Bulgaria and 2 years ago you had live in Bulgaria. What memories you have from Bulgaria and Bulgarian fans?
I remember it very well. It was a great tour, with the Romanian band Monarchy. We had to drive a loooong way to Bulgaria, it was very interesting and fun. I remember the fans, they were really pretty!

hitt-190NH: Did you have an opportunity to taste Bulgarian food or to have some sightseeing before the live?
Honestly… We had time for nothing. I had a live in Paris the day after and our tour manager had to drive all night. We almost missed the plane back to Paris, so in fact I tried nothing in Bulgaria, I’m sorry for that. Means I should be back, right?

NH: There is change in your stage costumes, make-up and hair with more natural lately. What caused this?
Somehow my character changed. My way of thinking. Maybe i’ve grown up? You know, I was never “for real” into the visual kei scene. I am a rock’n roll artist, a musician, a singer. Of course I have my own style, I have tatoos, piercings, I do make up on stage, I wear excentric clothes. But it’s not something I do only for the shows. It’s me. And when my personnality evolves, my style evolves as well. I’m just myself.

NH: There is fans, who made cosplay of you. What do you think about it?
Yeah true, I already met some of them. I think it’s very cool! Of course I’ll say always “be yourself and don’t copy anyone”, but cosplay is fun, and I like when they do. You know, I also have fans who got tatoos of my logo or some drawing I made!

NH: You had a coupling live with your brother March this year. Tell us something about this experience and how you decided to do it!
It’s a nice experience. We are very lucky because we are twin brothers, you know it, and both active as musicians. In a different scene, somehow. Our family always supported us and encourage both of us to follow our dreams. We choose different paths, but both of us are living on music. So we thought it was time to do something together.

NH: How you choose the songs for the setlist before lives?
I don’t! Or… Just few minutes before the show. I have to set my sampler, that’s why I choose before, but basically, all my show are different, I can’t follow the same setlist all the time. It depends of the mood ans what I want to sing.

NH: HITT-san, your logo is in the form of a gun, but did you tried shooting as a sport?
No, never! I’m a basket-ball player only!

NH: Would you share with us something about your school life?
I was not crazy about school, let me say… I only loved to be in the basket-ball team. Ah ah my parents worried a lot about my school life! I was not really a bad boy, but clearly I didn’t like to go to school and tried to avoid sometimes 😉

NH: Do you like to read? What genre is your favorite?
Eeeh… I don’t read that much. Except news on internet and some poem books, sometimes. I never read novels for instance. I read manga when I was younger, also.

NH: You had visited many countries and tried many cuisines. Which one you liked the most?
I love French and Russian cuisine. The fact is that I love cheese, any kind of cheese, and I found many varieties in France. In Russia, I was so surprised by the food! It was awesome!

NH: Can you describe your perfect love date?
Hmm, not really. I must say something: I am not at all into the usual entertainment in Japan. I never feel like going out to karaoke or so, this is not my type. I feel better having a drink in a quiet place, and talk. Just a simple thing. The most important thing is the person you share this moment with, right?

NH: Back to music, is there a musician you would like to have duet with?
Eeeeh… I have only one idol. It’s Doraemon. Do you think I could have a duet with Doraemon? Could be a great rock duo I guess.

NH: If you hadn’t been started to play music, which would be your profession now?
It’s hard to say. I never considered I could do something else. I think I’m even not able to (lol). And I must admit I’m not good with authority. Since I’m a kid I can never receive orders in my work, so I don’t think I’d be a good staff or worker in any company.

NH: Soon is your coupling tour with Ryo Fujimura. What are your expectations of it?
This is funny. I know Ryo Fujimura since 2010, as we belong to the same management office, but finally we didn’t meet so often. Maybe once or twice. Ryo and I performed in the same events, same countries, same venues, but never at the same time. But we are both connected to our company since many years now, so it was quite logical we joined to celebrate the 6th anniversary of the company. I guess it will be an interesting experience.

No Singing, No Life
No Singing, No Life

NH: Can you tell us something more about your new mini-album “No Singing, No Life” and the songs in it?
“No Singing, No Life” is a concentrate of what I did this past months. I mean, I concentrated on singing. Which is the most important thing in music, for me. We made part of the recording in France, and with my ingeneer, we added some jazz and bossa nove sounds to my tracks. So the album is partly acoustic, with different influences.

NH: In January you will release your 3rd single. Share something about it too.
My new single is called Ikiro. Release is January 10. By this single I want to express the feelings of honesty. And I became more… “simple and natural” than before.
Without pretending to be cool, just to be a man…

NH: You had several videos till now. Should we expect new one in the future?
I guess yes… I still have to think about that with my team. we have a plan to make a video in Europe, but I can’t tell you more^^

NH: Would you give advice or direction for the fans, who plays music or want to play?
Work hard. And believe in your dream and never give up. This world is harsh and cruel. You’ll have bad connexions, strange experiences. But someday you’ll find all the support you deserve.

NH: Can you say something for the readers of Nippon Heaven?
Hello Nippon Heaven!! Please come to see me in Europe and let’s share good moments together!

NH: Thank you for your time and the opportunity to take this interview.
Always welcome!

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