Month: November 2013

EXEQUTE comment pv for new mini album release

EXEQUTE revealed comment pv for their new mini album – BEAUTIFUL RISE which will be release on 06.12.2013. The music during the comment are songs from – BEAUTIFUL RISE. [youtube=] Tracklist: 1. Hallucination 2. Eternal 3. Alexis 4. ZERθGATE 5. Cinderella Killer

CHANTY with new maxi single release

CHANTY announced that they will release new maxi single – よくのかたまり on 29.01.2014 in 2 types. Type A will include only CD and will cost: 1,260 yen. Tracklist: [CD] 1.君と罰 2.ミスアンバランス 3.衝動的少女 4.とある星空の下 Type B will include only CD and Read More