Interview with LOKA

LOKA is an Alternative Hard Rock band, which define themselves as a “WORLD CLASS BAND”. The band consists of 4 members and every one of them have an astonishing music experience. After a few days these guys starts their first European tour!
We are thankful that they answered to our questions!


Nippon Heaven: Hello everyone! Thank you for your time. Would you present yourself in a few words?
Kihiro, I sing, scream, rap… I think.
KEN’ICHI, I can double kick my pedal bpm230 and still have a cup of coffee.
SIN, I don’t remember the last time I wasn’t holding a guitar.
Katsumi, I just drink beer.

NH: From where came the idea to create LOKA?
Kihiro originally started LOKA as a “solo project” in beginning of 2012. Though after KEN’ICHI decided to join him, they both decided to proceed as a band on 6/9/2013. While touring with support members, they searched for players to officially join the band and in 2013 they met Katsumi and SIN.

NH: What inspire the style of LOKA? From other artists or bands, nature etc.?
If we described in genre, its like American Hard Rock emerges Visual Kei. We don’t fit in just one, but mixed together. Kihiro and Katsumi started their music career in the Loud Rock scene in Japan, while KEN’ICHI and SIN started as more Visual Metal scene. The 2 sides balance dramatically it presents a stage you don’t see with others.

NH: How do you see the future of LOKA after 10 years?
Not just an international touring band but a WORLD CLASS BAND.

NH: Do you have other interests outside LOKA? Some side projects?
All of the members do get other offers as a job sometimes, though our focus is limited to LOKA only.

NH: Do you compose your music together and who write the lyrics?
Yeah, we usually get in the studio, share our ideas and compose our songs. Then we will work on pre production with each of our PC. All lyrics are written by Kihiro.

NH: Your songs are mostly in English. How Japanese fans perceive this?
We think it doesn’t matter what language the lyric is. There are many bands that sing in English in Japan nowadays.
So its more accepted and becoming a general thing. So the most important thing is if the message is delivered correctly, and the passion is felt by our fans.

NH: Do you think for a follow-up project, which can include texts in Japanese?
We already have one song that include Japanese. We will be playing that song during our EU tour as well.
Its called “TSUBASA TRIGGER”, gotta come to the show to check this one out!

NH: How do you spend your time in the studio? Besides the serious side of things, do you have time for having fun?
Right now… to be honest… we are packed with schedule, constantly touring nationally and overseas. We are also making time composing new songs during our days off… So we have the “fun” during the tour! We all enjoy being together, we joke around and drink together during tour, we all drink heavy. KEN’ICH is the strongest lol.

NH: What yours families thinks about you being a musicians? Do they support you?
Well… that’s a question we haven’t been asked for years lol. But yeah all our parents know that music is our desire, and band is our dream. So we all are lucky to have such understanding parents and not kicking our ass to go get an ordinary job lol

NH: Will change the theme for a little. Do you have pets? If no, do you have a favorite one?
Only Kihiro has a pet. He has a dog called “Kanon” with his parents, a cat in the US called “Cojiro”.
He also owns a tarantula! Name is “Rose”, Kihiro started to own the tarantula after the Music Video for the song “SLICK”. Check it out, Rose plays an important role in the video lol

NH: Are you afraid of something?
hmmm… there are few things but the scariest maybe the girls we leave behind during the tour…lol.

NH: We heard that some of you like soccer. Which are your favorite teams?
Kihiro: Inter Milan!
Katsumi: Barcelona!
KENI’ICHI: Nankatsu FC!(From anime Captain Tsubasa)

NH: You are on European tour from the end of this month. What are your expectations for the experience and the fans? What have you heard about touring in Europe?
Well… we don’t know what to expect. We want the crowd to feel the show and not just listen and hear. And also for the fans, its like “show us what you got!”, coz Japan fans are very energetic and crazy. Hope we get to see the EU style of that.

NH: Is there a European country you want to visit, but is not included in the tour? And why this country?
We want to be everywhere so basically all the countries, but we’d chose POLAND. Since our original schedule canceled and after the revision, POLAND was not booked… we know there were many fans and expectations from our Polish fans. So next time, we definitely want to go.

NH: How do you see your career so far?
We think LOKA is doing great!What kind of band gets offer from overseas every month!? Its crazy and we appreciate everyone who is spreading the word and music for us. We are still in the developing stage, but all this experience made this year through DEVA’s Tour is gonna make LOKA 2014 big.

NH: Can you please say something to Nippon Heaven’s readers?
Enough reading!lol Come to the show, we’ll deliver our music from the top of your head to the tip of your toe, into your veins and right through the heart!We are the new style J-ROCK!!

Thanks to the band for answering to our questions. And also to Anne Râmen Events.
Nippon Heaven Staff

• Oct. 30: Munich, Germany, Garage Deluxe
• Nov.02: Cologne, Germany, Werkstatt
• Nov.03: Brussels, Belgium, Japan Expo
• Nov 05: Vienna, Austria, REPLUGGED
• Nov 07: Lyon, France, Moko
• Nov 08: Luxembourg, LU, Rock Box – FREE Event!
• Nov 09: Paris, France, Covent Garden (Eragny)
• Nov.10: Gent, Belgium, Frontline
• Nov 11: Den Haag, Netherlands, Musicon
• Nov 12: Roubaix, France, Bar Live 301

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